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PLAG PRESENTS: Jupiter Winter, MetronOhm, Crow Baby

PLAG PRESENTS at Harvard & Stone

Harvard & Stone
Thursday, January 26th
21+ || FREE

:: Jupiter Winter :: 

Jupiter Winter is Lelia Broussard and Royce Whittaker. A band. "The Resistance" is out now.


:: MetronOhm :: 

From San Fran to LA, Act Natural is testing out the waters of this vibrant place. 
Kofi (Mike Blair) is a music producer who has recently picked up guitar. He and Annabelle toggle between lead and harmony with vocals. He may also surprise you with a pocket piano or many of the other tricks up his sleeve. 
Annabelle is primarily a mandolin player and vocalist, though she also plays violin (her first instrument) and tickles the guitar.

They do not have much recorded just yet, so keep your ears peeled for what's in store.


:: Crow Baby:: 

"It's really fun. It's so much fun, it's so much fun I love it."
- Delaney's Mom on Crow Baby


See you soon!