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PLAG PRESENTS: Doctrin, The Pinks, Sugar Rum Tantrum


PLAG PRESENTS at Harvard & Stone

Harvard & Stone
THURSDAY, August 31st
21+ || FREE

:: Doctrin :: 

A Melbournian goth amidst the Los Angeles sun, Doctrin is the moniker of porcelain Australian, Dolly Denko. Relocating to California as an artist and producer, a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Denko brings it all together in the studio under her own intricate compositions to create the powerfully capricious breeze of Doctrin. 

Bringing a lustful presence to the stage alongside her live band, Doctrin delivers a powerfully honest performance during such nights; with a range of layering and effects, Denko herself wails in both vocals and grungy guitar riffs that are reminiscent of the 90’s alternative anthems. 


:: The Pinks:: 

L.A. based retro punk women


:: Sugar Rum Tantrum

Sugar Rum Tantrum premieres as the Los Angeles folk-mischief-rambunction helmed by accordionist-songwriter Melinda West (Sugar Rum). A decade ago, Sugar Rum began her pursuits as a rock cabaret-inclined street performer. Eventually, the band stumbled down the rabbit hole of songwriting, incorporating tango, gypsy folk, stride, and blues into a tasty concoction. This four-piece spook folk band, frequently known to accompany the occasional fire performance or interpretive dancer, is making its debut with an EP release expected in October 2016.

See you soon!