CocoVera gets sick with video for "Preachers"


Everything that we know so far about CocoVera is simultaneously striking and unsettling.

CocoVera is comprised of Alejandra Robles (Le Butcherettes, Madame Gandhi) and Janelle Obert (Stars at Night, No Girlfriends), so we knew immediately that we’d love them. They're part of four of our favorite acts. Not sure we expected exactly how much we’d love them.

“Preachers,” the first single from their upcoming full-length debut Rosary Peā, sounds like it’s in black and white, or shades of grey. If you close your eyes and listen, it doesn’t sound like color. The bassline is a heartbeat beneath the floorboards (or is it?) and you can’t help but fall into a bit of a trance along with the vocals (or can you?). Listening to the song creates an environment where you’re not entirely sure what around you is real, and leaves a residual uneasiness that there might be something or someone lurking just outside your field of vision. It’s unsettling and we can’t get enough.

“‘Preachers’ specifically is about finding comfort in your depression [and] a growing intolerance of the hypocrisy of organized religion. The main line of the track: ‘Making myself sick again’ is meant to be left open to interpretation. Is it physiological, psychological?” The band leaves all the questions unanswered when asked about the song.

The video is, appropriately, in all black and white and flows from one illusion to another. It builds off of the sense of unease that the music creates, lending stunning visuals while making you wonder what exactly is going on. We’ve watched it several times and we’re still not quite sure, but we’re okay with that.

All in all, the album title Rosary Pea fits CocoVera perfectly. Rosary peas have commonly been used as beautiful red beads or in musical instruments. A single pea is also fatal if consumed by an adult human. They’re a reminder that there’s darkness in beauty, or maybe that there is beauty in the darkness.

Watch the video for “Preachers” here:

Keep up with CocoVera on Instagram and keep an eye out for Rosary Pea on October 10th.

Kimi Recor