A Year in PLAG: 2017 Workshops


Another huge highlight of 2017 for us was the introduction of PLAG Workshops. It’s really important to us that artists understand the basics of their business and have somewhere to turn for reliable information about the music industry. Google searches for “how do I get a show at X venue?” “what do music supervisors look for in pitches?” or “how do I submit my song to this radio show?” will return dubious results at best, trust us. Where can artists turn for answers to those questions, and have the opportunity to ask further questions of genius women across the music business? We didn’t see anywhere putting on panels like that, so we started doing them ourselves.

It’s also important for women and nonbinary people in the industry to be put up on a pedestal themselves and be given a forum to share their knowledge and experience. Look around at any conference and you’ll see how necessary it is.

We want to send a huge thank you to all of our PLAG Workshops educators who so generously donated their time and expertise. We covered a lot of ground in 2017 and have a lot more planned for 2018.

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PLAG Workshop #1: The Business Behind the Band - Forming Your Team

Moderator: Katrina Bleckley

Panelists: Gabrielle LaFera (Little Empire Music), Kristin Lee (KLBM, LLC), Heidy Vaquerano (Vaquerano Law, P.C.), and Shirin Nury (CAA)

Watch: Part 1 and Part 2

PLAG Workshop #2: Taking Your Show on the Road - The Business of Touring

Moderator: Liz Garo (Spaceland Presents)

Panelists: Madame Gandhi (artist and activist), Megan Gersch (Spaceland Presents), Nichole Schrad (Mercenary Management), and Britt Witt (The Hi Hat)

Watch: highlights

Read: 10 Essential Tips for New Bands (LA Weekly)

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PLAG Workshop #3: Please Put My Song in a Film - The Secrets of Sync Licensing

Moderator: Katrina Bleckley

Panelists: Amanda Krieg-Thomas (Neophonic), Tiffany Anders, Kate Rubino (Bunim/Murray Productions), Debra Delshad (Angry Mob Music), and Mara Schwartz Kuge (Superior Music)

PLAG Workshop #4: Pitch Perfect - Navigating the World of Press and Publicity

Moderator: Caitlin White (Uproxx Music)

Panelists: Danielle Bacher (Billboard, Playboy), Katie Bain (VICE, Insomniac), Caroline Borolla (Clarion Call), Christine Morales (Epitaph/Anti- Records), and Mara Shalhoup (ex- Editor in Chief, LA Weekly)

Watch: HERE

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PLAG Workshop #5: From Session to Single - The Process of Writing and Getting Your Song Cut

Moderator: Kimi Recor

Panelists: Jenn Decilveo, Ruth Anne Cunningham, Cara Salimando, and Alih Jey

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PLAG Workshop #6: We Want the Airwaves - Getting Airplay and the Business of Radio

Moderator: Katrina Bleckley

Panelists: Kat Corbett (KROQ), Tobi Lynn (Alt 97/KCRW), Melissa Maxx (KLOS), Edie Lundeen (CO5 Music), and Chia Chiapetta (WestCoastChia Promotion)



Kimi Recor