Hide your children, Ex Girlfriends are coming to LA!


We recently had our first NY PLAG show, and had the pleasure of having Brooklyn-based Ex-Girlfriends on the bill. This five-piece power house floored us with their energetic live show and in your face songs. Beyond all that, they're the kind of band you just want to be BFFs with instantly, because they're cool AF + don't give a fuck. I mean, who doesn't love a band with a song titled " My First Abortion".

Check out our interview with them below + make sure to catch them tomorrow at the Redwood Bar in LA.

I know this is such a typical question, but I love a good ‘how did you all meet story’. How did Ex-Girlfriends start?

Heather Cousins (Vox + Guitar): Tara and I used to live in the same building. She would find me smoking on the front steps, would pull a tarot deck from her purse and give me a reading. I met Monika at Cake Shop where we both used to work. Tine I didn’t meet until our first practice, and Angela we found on a flyer that said “girl drummer seeks girl band.”

Tine Hill (Bass Guitar): My ex-boyfriend lived with our ex-drummer’s ex-boyfriend who was an ex-worker at Cake Shop, and two more ex-workers from Cake Shop wanted to start a band and one of them was an ex-apartment complex resider who lived with a now ex-girlfriend.

Tara Thiessen (Vox + Guitar): Heather lived in the apartment below me in Brooklyn, and I met her at the wine bar on the corner. I read her tarot cards on our front stoop, she was working at Cake Shop and met the rest of the band through that venue (rip).

With there being *five* of you in the band, how do you juggle the hustle of living in New York city with practicing, recording and touring? The scheduling process must be kind of insane, right?

HC: New York is expensive, but everyone is committed and wants to tour and make new music--even if it means throwing your stuff in storage sometimes (had to do that twice so far). 

Angela Tornello (Drums): Yeah, it can be a little hectic, but it’s a hustle that’s worth it.

Monika Knapp (Keys + Vox): Group texts are both your best friend and your worst enemy... it requires a TON of flexibility, but if you have the drive you can get it done.

When we came to NYC, we were stoked to find so many rad bands from there. What are some of your favorite NYC/Brooklyn bands right now?

TH: Wet Leather, Big Bliss, No Ice, Gustaf, Champagne Superchillin

HC: There are so many cool folks making music out in NYC right now. Some I’ve enjoyed playing with and hearing lately are The Othermen, Big Eyes, Fruit & Flowers, Sharkmuffin, Surfbort, Nevva…

MK: New Myths, Sic Tic, Def Grls, Tall Juan

What piece of gear can’t you live without?

TT: My plexiglass flying V & death by audio interstellar overdrive

AT: My ‘64 Gretsch snare

TH: A bass strap

You guys are currently on a SXSW tour. What has been your most memorable Ex-Girflfriends tour moment to date?

TT: Singing “You Don’t Own Me” on stage in Denver, CO with the girls of Birdcloud and Thelma & The Sleaze at our last show on tour with them--and Tine crowd surfing!

AT: Tine taking a selfie with a horse at the ranch we stayed at during SXSW.

TH: Definitely our Birdcloud and Thelma and the Sleaze tour. We ended up being one big dysfunctional, but entertaining family on the road.

What advice would you give a baby band for their first tour?

HC: Pack very light, have a lot of t-shirts to sell and try to be by the merch table to sell them.

TT: Make a lot of copies of the van key & realize that touring affects different people in different ways so try to be extra kind to each other. Take vitamins & drink lots of water!

TH: Don't fall into the unhealthy snack hole at rest stops and fast food chains! Get extra stamps for postcards, stretch as much as possible, give your bandmates genuine hugs.

What can we expect at your show at the Redroom Bar on March 23rd?

TT: An empowering nightmare that has a fun, lucid ending where you fly to a clipper ship in space to have drinks and good conversations with any of your own Ex-Girlfriends.

MK: The unexpected. 

AT: Some sort of debauchery.


Ex Girlfriends is currently on a US tour. Make sure to catch them, if you know what's good for you!


Kimi Recor