PLAG's Lucky 13 at Echo Park Rising

Echo Park Rising is coming up this weekend and there are some serious gems in the lineup this year. With so many artists performing, we wanted to send you in the direction of a few that we can't wait to see.


How are we just finding out about 19th Moon now? Her dark electronic beats wouldn't be out of place in an episode of CSI, but her emotive voice could just as easily be crooning over an R&B ballad. Born in the US but raised in Lagos, Nigeria, her music and aesthetic aren't quite like anything we've ever heard before and we're loving it.

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Catch 19th Moon on Friday, August 17th at the Semi Tropic at 6pm


Aurat - whose name means "women" -  brings darkwave synths to the table, but layers them with Urdu language lyrics courtesy of their Pakistani-American vocalist, Azeka. Time to get your 80s on (you know you love the 80s) and experience aspects of a different culture.


Catch Aurat on Sunday, August 19th at 2:15pm at the Echoplex


Disco Shrine is straight up dance pop music and we are so here for it. We first saw them when they were supporting Polartropica at the Bootleg last month and the songs are still stuck in our head. They put on a super fun live show. Don't miss out.

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Catch Disco Shrine on Friday, August 17th at Trencher at 7:30pm and Sunday, August 19th at Spacedust at 6pm


Our friend Sofia does a lot of education and is a huge inspiration for PLAG Workshops. She is a brilliant composer in her own right, taking field recordings and melding them with synths to create beautiful music.

She will be hosting an interactive, performative workshop at the Edendale Branch Library on Saturday, August 18th surrounding Suzanne Ciani's quadraphonic Buchla modular synth performance recording, LIVE Quadraphonic.


We love these weirdos. They're taking the punk/post-punk renaissance to the next level. They're gritty. They're dark. They're experimental. They have a saxophone. And they will mess you up.

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Catch Egrets on Ergot on Sunday, August 19th at the Echoplex at 10pm


Our cooler little sisters at Smash Club introduced us to Kuromi last summer and, after seeing them turn the Lost Knight into a gritty punk club, complete with PLAG's first ever mosh pit, during EPR 2017, we were hooked. The kids are alright, everyone.

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Catch Kuromi at the Echo Patio on Thursday, August 16th



Linafornia is a producer and the queen of beats. Her album, YUNG, is a half hour long, flawless composition that brings us back to 90s hip hop and take you on a journey that will hit you right in your feels. Her live set is a production on the fly, so don't miss this beatsmith pulling magic out of thin air this weekend.

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Catch Linafornia on Friday, August 17th at The Echo


Maiah played a PLAG show awhile ago and we walked out with our jaws on the ground. Her voice will give you chills from the first note and, every time you listen to her, you'll find something else in the music. A sample here, a background chant there. Every single time is a new experience. You'll walk out of her set a different person than you walked in.

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Catch Maiah Manser on Sunday, August 19th at Spacedust at 5pm


We live in dark times, friends, and Modpods are #mood music for that. Their singer, Myriad Slits, has a voice that will cut through all the noise and get to the heart of everything. 

Niña Dioz

This is a bold statement but, if we had to choose one artist to see this weekend, it'd be Niña Dioz. She was the first openly gay rapper in Mexico and we honor both her courage and her talent. Her music will keep you moving and her lyrics will keep you thinking. 

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Catch Niña Dioz on Saturday, August 18th at the Laveta Terrace stage at 8pm

Sabrina is Not in This Chat

Sabrina is Not in This Chat is the coolest. Like, the actual coolest. They're another intro from our sisters in Smash Club and we want to be them when we grow up. And we want their band name. But seriously, we appreciate how much Sabrina is Not in This Chat is unapologetically themselves. They bring us back to garage riot grrrl rock and Patti Smith vocals. The kids really are alright.

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Catch Sabrina is Not in This Chat on Saturday, August 18th at 4pm at The Echo


Sister Mantos makes us so happy. From the dance music, to the full band orchestration, to the queer POC empowerment lyrics, everything makes us so happy. We all need some happy these days. Get yourself some with Sister Mantos.

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Catch Sister Mantos on Sunday, August 19th at 7:50pm at the Echo


Trap Girl does not fuck around. They're hardcore punk, full of all the rage that genre demands, addressing topics such as violence against trans folks and femmes. Their singer Drew Arriola-Sands also runs Queer Queens of LA, shows featuring queer artists, and created Transgress Fest, the first festival for trans artists in the hardcore, rock, and punk genres. We spoke to Drew about that earlier this year.

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Catch Trap Girl on Friday, August 17th at Lot 1 at 11:45pm

That's only the tiniest fraction of the artists we're showing up for at EPR this year. We made a Spotify playlist featuring more of them. Listen to that below:

Kimi Recor