Ruby Velle's "Go Get It" is Your Monday Motivation

Ruby Velle

I’m enjoying an iced chai tea at Stories, probably way too caffeinated, and have had Ruby Velle’s new single, “Go Get It,” on steady repeat for the last half hour. I didn’t even notice that I was tapping both of my feet to the song, which goes from upbeat to almost frantic, until a tiny bird decided I was a danger to its safety and flew off.

Ruby is best known for her work with Ruby Velle & the Soulphonics, the Atlanta-based band with smooth throwback R&B vibes. It’s the kind of music you throw on with a bottle of wine and a bubble bath, or fall in love with over a candlelit dinner. Even playing it on Spotify, you can only picture it coming out of a record player.

“Go Get It” is…not that. It’s the song you take to the gym when you need to take your rage out on a punching bag or turn on when you go for an aggressive run. The song you blast with the windows down as you drive down the freeway, maybe a little bit over the speed limit, singing at the top of your lungs. The song you listen to when you’re finding you’re power and taking it back. The song that speaks to you when you’re down and broken but choose to stay and fight anyway.

When asked about the song, Ruby shared her inspiration with us:

I co-wrote and sang "Go Get It" as an experiment in bravery. A personal quest of expression. After working with marginalized youth and women for most of my career, I have been exposed to what happens when we are repeatedly kept down. I chose happiness despite any fears that cropped up, in the hopes that this track will empower more than just myself to take action towards dreams. We ALL need an anthem for the survivor in us. I’m so grateful to those who have supported me and picked me up in order to practice even more resilience.

I'm so pleased to see this track as the backdrop to a creative endeavor like Shameless (Showtime Network). It was an incredible experience working on "Go Get It" with Sugaroo! Records and their amazingly talented producer, Steve Rusch (and co-writer Mischa Mandel). We all share this wavelength and it has sparked something special. I fully intend to bring every Ruby Velle fan along for the ride.

Stream “Go Get It” on Spotify below, and make sure you keep up with Ruby on Facebook and Instagram.

Kimi Recor